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Pets Grooming Hotel – Voted Top Grooming Centre

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PGH being voted as Malaysia’s Top Pets Grooming Centre

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Pets Grooming Hotel (PGH) is not only a pet boarding centre, it is also a pet grooming specialist that provides the best of services for pets. PGH is here to ensure that pet owners have nothing to worry about when they drop their pets at their centre. For hygiene purposes, PGH has a strict control on fleas, ticks and mites as they make sure their centre get disinfected twice a day. At PGH, there’s a range of grooming services that pet owners can choose from. Do check out their website to know more about the services that PGH offers!


A pet grooming centre is a place, where cats and dogs are groomed. It is also a saviour for pet owners, who don’t have the time or don’t know how to groom their pets. The most important aspect of a pet grooming centre is to have a team of groomers, who can handle any pet without any trouble. The pet grooming centres on this list know exactly how important it is for them to have happy customers. Here’s presenting the top 10 pet grooming centres in Malaysia, as voted for by the public.

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